The gambling aspect – knowing when to gamble
You may assume that all casino play is gambling, you may also assume that whilst you play, you are gambling constantly throughout your time in that casino. This is very misleading and something that must be addressed, because true gambling, is that moment you have no control left in the gaming matter and are forced to proceed into the unknown.
Discipline, bankroll management and percentage profit margins are all parts of the equation that don’t rely upon gambling to maintain, these are the elements in your control and thus, are human interaction dependent.

I want to talk about the moments that are beyond your control and the three main situations where your own casino skills are no longer helpful and gambling must ensure. It is the gamble that can either love you or leave you, it is something that can breath life into your casino campaign or equally destroy it.
There are moments when gambling must be considered, here are the common three.
1. Last legs or red zone – 20 percent of your beginning bankroll

If you find yourself in this situation, then you have balanced the books incorrectly, equally your discipline has let you down and luck has betrayed you. It is now your only intention to survive and regain your bankroll in order to fight another day.
You can use ten percent methods and calm control but the returns at this value are tiny and timing won’t help you. Therefore, this first situation is a positive green light for effective, aggressive and random betting. This is true gambling, away from the control and the limits you have followed, you must now go for broke.

Double or nothing, whatever, you must be without fear or objection and go for gold. The point that you have fallen to this percentage has confirmed your lack of implication, a blaze of glory is your last hope. This being said, there have been times where i’ve found a role doing this and made a few hundred dollars in just under an hour when I’ve been in survival mode.
2. Gut feeling and spare of the moment

When you have a powerful gut feeling about something, gambling experience over the years have told me to do it and you must do the same. There have been moments where i’ve been following my strict bankroll and betting boundaries when something just didn’t fit. I had a strange and painful feeling to carry on, 8 times out of 10 i’ve done OK in going forward.
This is individual to everyone of us, no one truly knows a person like they do themselves, your judgement in cases can be very powerful and just sometimes, a leap of faith can prove you right.

Testing the waters – gamblers prediction status
A prediction status is almost like testing the water before you go swimming, is it too cold, are there sharks waiting for me, can i see rocks beneath the waves etc. I call prediction status from a gamblers point of view with three random bets.
I call an average on these, if two win out of the three, i proceed with caution, if i get one out of three i don’t bother and if i get three out of three, i prepare for a showdown and some money making. These are moments that i can’t plan and are therefore beyond my control, once i’m in the game, then yes i can begin acting with percentages and bankroll control, yet testing the water first, well that’s a gamble for sure.

Just be aware that not every moment is a gamble, i consider the majority of my play time as an experience and a curve, i know what i need to do and how i’m going to do it. It is however nice to know, that when push comes to shove, there is a time for the unknown.
This unknown is the gambling element and something that may just go your way.